Apartment Renovation Tips

27 May 2021
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A poorly kept apartment will lose its tenants in no time. If you happen to be an apartment owner or property manager, you should always prioritise apartment renovations. It is a sure way to ensure the appeal of the building and make it attractive to tenants. Below are some apartment renovation tips. 

Conduct Regular Renovations

Many property managers and building owners make the mistake of renovating the property once their clients start to complain. Since the damages are often severe at this stage, it costs a fortune to renovate the property. Given that the property is almost uninhabitable, property managers often resort to lending as a way to finance the project. 

Regular property inspections will help you avoid bank-breaking repairs. For example, unclogging a drain will avert problems such as burst pipes. During your inspections, write down the defects you identify and categorise the repairs as urgent or long-term. Use this report as a guideline for when and how you should renovate the property. 

Apartment Renovations Should Be Based on Needs and Market Gaps

If you intend to conduct major renovation works in an apartment, consider the client's needs and current market gaps as you embark on your project. For example, clients today will look out for spacious and open living spaces. Therefore, you could consider renovating the apartment to meet these needs. Your tenants do not want to spend a fortune on their annual energy bills. Therefore, you could incorporate energy efficiency features as you renovate the property. Think of how you would make the property more attractive than similar properties. For example, you could have a large parking space, recreational areas, or state-of-the-art security features. 

Work With an Experienced Contractor

You will often have a narrow window to renovate the property, especially if you don't want to disrupt the daily lives of your clients. If the apartment is empty, you want to fill it as soon as possible. Therefore, you should work with an experienced and reputable contractor who adheres to construction timelines. The contractor should also understand the local building code and regulations. It enables them to advise you on whether you require a renovation permit to conduct the renovation works. Additionally, they will ensure that the renovations do not lead to liabilities or prosecution in the future.  

You should now have an easy time renovating your apartment. Make renovations part of regular maintenance, assess market gaps as you renovate the property, and work with an experienced contractor.